Vision & Mission

College vision:
Vision represents a description of what you wish to be by the College in the distant future, determine the vision and mission of the college with the participation of a number of faculty members and some stakeholders, and published by holding various seminars for students, and write text on the posters, and leaflets have been distributed, and in billboards, was suspended in separate places altogether.
It was the drafting of seeing college as follows: industrial eyeing college education to achieve academic excellence in industrial education and prepare graduates in line with global requirements of the labor market.
The overall message:
It was the drafting of the overall message as follows: seeking the Faculty of Industrial Education Beni Suef University teachers and professional technicians set up in the areas of industrial action in accordance with the global standards of performance, and implementation of scientific research in collaboration with local and global productivity institutions, and community-based services that contribute to the upgrading of the local and global community.
strategic goals:
Due to scientific and technological rapid progress the college is working to achieve a clear strategy to help them achieve a prominent position within the academic community goals, and therefore take into account the strategic objectives relate to all the functions of the college out of education, scientific research and service to the community, which is reflected in the following:
First goal: achieving academic excellence in industrial education.
The second goal is to develop the graduate to comply with global requirements of the labor market.
Third goal: improving community services that contribute to the upgrading of the local community.
The fourth objective: technical, academic and administrative capacity for faculty members and their assistants development.
Fifth goal: prepare the graduate programs in the light of academic standards and the requirements of a knowledge society.
Sixth objective: to develop the infrastructure of the college facilities and equipment in light of the standards of institutions of higher education.